abby fay: artwork

My artworks are about the passing of time; I try to capture a fleeting moment, a meditation, a memory, a place, a person. My inspiration comes from a wide variety of places. Recently, my work has been reflective of my experience as a woman; A global citizen, female artist, mother and wife. My artwork often references a wide variety of historical and contemporary art ranging from scroll paintings to street art to the work of the Abstract Expressionists. My marks are at times delicate and smooth and at others dark and aggressive. These works represent a physical response to my changing environment. The subjects are worked into the panel or paper and they evolve into something more than just merely representational.

visit CHALKBOARD Studio by appointment. 3328 Main St. (Rte 6A), Barnstable Village, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

Image featured: Scythian Blue